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To say we're excited to have one of the originators, from Jamaica, of Ska is an understatement, but add to that the Ska Vendors and the amazing Pat Powell as well and well we are left speech less!!!


Ska Nation Festival to be held on November 26th and 27th 2022 in the beautiful outdoor surrounds of the Ti Tree Hotel in the hamlet of Warrion, 2 hours south west of Melbourne... this year we have weather proofed the festival for the comfort of patrons...


We don't have to, but this is Stranger Cole... Cole was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 26 July 1942 and nicknamed "Stranger" by his family, as they considered that he didn't resemble any member of his family. Cole was initially successful as a songwriter, writing "In and out the Window", which was a hit for Eric "Monty" Morris. This success gave him the chance to make his recording debut in 1962, instantly finding success with singles such as "Rough and Tough" and "When You Call My Name".

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